The Pressures of City Life recently ran a story about a certain partner in a certain top city law firm who crashed his Range Rover and then fabricated a story about being kidnapped in order to avoid a drink driving charge. This got me thinking. Why would someone who (I assume from his senior position) is a relatively intelligent person and whom has a pretty decent understanding of the law and the legal system do something so well… idiotic? Could it be because he thought he would get away with it?  Perhaps, but being in his position he should have realised that the CPS would look to make an example out of a “cityboy” with a flagrant disregard for the law. Perhaps he thought his connections and legal power could keep him out of a court room, but again I think this would have been a foolish assumption to make as he wasn’t exactly a senior law lord or clever MP (although I reserve my views on these for another occasion).

My conclusion is that he enjoyed his 5 pints of Guinness after a tough day/week/month at the office and before he had thought about how he would get home the pints were gone and the key was in the ignition and his foot was on the accelerator.

Its hard working being a city lawyer and there is a lot of pressure placed upon you to deliver, both by clients and your colleagues. As a lawyer you are often the pivotal spoke in a fast moving wheel and if you don’t deliver then someone else will and you will find yourself on your way out. Furthermore, a criminal conviction is often a major barrier to approval by the SRA and many firm’s employment contracts / partnership agreements will outright prohibit criminal convictions, I mean who wants to go to a perceived “crook” lawyer?

Moral of the story? Find a better outlet for the stresses of city life. I know a fair few boxing gyms near chancery lane which aren’t frequented regularly enough by the people who probably need them the most!


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